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All hours are billed starting at $150 an hour. If any of the pricing options do not match what you had in mind and would like to work something alternative out please contact us directly.

  • 1 Hour = Digital Consultation and review of your website over the phone, concluding with next steps for improvement.

  • 3 Hours = A benchmark report and discussion specifically pointing out all web opportunities supported by data. 

  • 5 Hours = Benchmark report and SEO Tags (Up to 25 Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and H1s or 50 Title Tags alone).

  • 10 Hours = Connection with a full-service digital marketing team for an advanced digital marketing audit, writing, and implementation of SEO Tags, Content Optimization and more. (Pricing and Scope of work may vary)

  •  10+ Hours Per Month = Full management and transparency of any digital marketing campaigns such as SEO, Paid, Social, Strategy, Web Development, and More. (Pricing and Scope of work may vary)

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